SDI 6′ Barrel Sauna Review 2017-09-29T23:28:35+00:00

Our Score 7/10

The SDI 6′ barrel sauna doesn’t have a fancy name, but it does have plenty of room and can easily fit 4-5 people. Measuring 72″ (wide) x 72″ (long) x 77″ (high) with no front porch, it is very spacious inside. It is constructed from Canadian cedar and has a lovely aroma.

Our Score 8/10

The SDI sauna has ball and socket construction which makes tightening the bands around the sauna very easy during setup. It also allows you to adjust the tightness of the straps once the wood settles after a few weeks of use. This outdoor sauna uses an Amazon branded 220V/30Amp heater which have proven themselves to be very reliable if not fancy. The Canadian Cedar wood used to construct this sauna is warm and aromatic with a reddish tint.

Our Score 6/10

This sauna lacks in features. There is no interior light included, and the only exterior features are a towel peg and a small shelf. It does come with a hygrothermograph and thermometer so you can measure what temperature your sauna has reached and exactly how much humidity has built up inside, as well as about 45 pounds of sauna stones.

Our Score 9/10

The SDI 6’ Barrel sauna comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

The SDI 6’ Barrel sauna has a generic heater and doesn’t have any lights. The ball and socket assembly allows you to easily set up the sauna, but they also need to be adjusted as the sauna settles. Overall, we gave this sauna 30/40.