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For years my wife and I have suffered from arthritis. Getting out of chairs was a chore and getting out of bed each morning was much more of a challenge than it had been before. My wife tried so many things to help us. She tried changing our diets, taking different medications, increasing our exercise time, even getting us to a massage therapist and then to an acupuncturist.

Finally she said that the doctor suggested we try using a sauna. I will admit that I was skeptical. After all it was just one more thing in a long line of things., but she found a gym with a sauna and we gave it a go. I was amazed! In no time my arthritis improved and my mood improved. More importantly, my wife was happy. She felt better and said we had to have a sauna in our house!

Well, that was a tall order! I started looking into getting a home sauna kit and I felt like I had fallen down a rabbit hole. There were so many things to consider and so many kinds of sauna kits. Now we have both an indoor and an outdoor sauna and we are really happy with both. We use our saunas every day!

I learned so much about saunas that I felt like I had to share what I had learned. I hope my site helps you to figure out the best sauna kit for you because nothing beats the feeling of relaxing in the heat knowing that when you get out your day will be 100x better!

Take it from me, your sauna will be the most used place in your house!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!