ALEKO STO6PORI 6 Person Sauna Review 2017-09-29T23:29:10+00:00

Our Score 8/10

The Aleko STO6PORI sauna is made from beautiful Canadian Hemlock. Measuring only 70” (depth) x 79” (width) x 85” (height) is still provides plenty of room for 6 people. It has an elegant stone front with 2 long windows making the sauna feel even more spacious.

Our Score 10/10

This sauna has a 6 KW/220 Volt TOULE Stainless Steel wet and dry sauna heater which is both ETL (North America) and CE (European Union) certified making it safe, reliable, and durable. The heater has a digital touch screen controller for easy use. It come with a wooden bucket and ladle so you start your wet sauna experience right away.  Its turnbuckle assembly is easy and the sauna can be put together in just a few hours. The bitumen roof completes the structure making it tightly sealed against the elements.

Our Score 8/10

While the Aleko sauna has none of the bells and whistles that are available for infrared models, It does have an inside lamp and an outside lantern making it feel homey and rustic. Inside it includes 40 lbs. of sauna stones ready to provide you with lots of steam and a hygrothermograph so you can measure what temperature your sauna has reached and exactly how much humidity is inside. There are two benches on different levels so there is plenty of room to spread out. The tempered glass door and wooden handle complete the luxurious feel of this sauna kit.

Our Score 9/10

There is a 1 year warranty on all parts in this sauna kit.

We gave the ALEKO STO6PORI 6 Person Sauna 35/40. It has a very good heater and it is slightly larger than some of the other outdoor saunas we looked at, but it doesn’t have the extras that some of the other saunas have. Also the hemlock wood used to make it does not wear as well as the red cedar used in other models.