Almost Heaven Pinnacle Outdoor Sauna Review 2017-11-25T23:20:02+00:00

Our Score 7/10

The Almost heaven Pinnacle Outdoor Sauna is a very pretty barrel sauna with lots of room inside for 4 people. It has no front porch. Instead it gives that room to the inside of the sauna. Measuring 72” (wide) x 72” (long) x 77” (high) it is large enough to compliment your outside space and small enough to fit in nicely. The Western Red Cedar wood is rustic and the door is understated with a long wooden handle across the middle of the tempered  glass.

Our Score 8/10

This model is easy to assemble due to its ball and socket clamps. Wide metal bands hold in the wood in place and they are fastened with ball-like knobs. After the wood settles, it is easy to tighten the straps to avoid water seepage. The  220V/30Amp heater is generic and that is one of the downsides of this model. The heater does have an 8-hour delay built-in so you can have the sauna hot and ready when you get home in the evening. There is an interior light and a cedar frame around the heater which makes the interior bright and appealing.

Our Score 7/10

The Pinnacle comes with about 40 pounds of sauna stones, a thermometer, and a hygrothermograph so you can measure what temperature your sauna has reached and exactly how much humidity has built up inside the sauna. It also includes a ladle and bucket so you can easily create steam in your sauna for a wet sauna experience.

Our Score 9/10

This sauna comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts.

Overall, the Almost heaven Pinnacle Outdoor Sauna scores 7.75/10 and is a very nice outdoor barrel sauna.

Overall, the Almost Heaven Pinnacle outdoor sauna received 31/40 points. It is smaller than some other outdoor saunas and doesn’t have a name brand heater. The ball and socket construction make it easy to adjust, but can also require retightening over the life of the sauna.