Dynamic Saunas Alicante 9101-01 Review 2017-09-29T22:45:46+00:00

Our Score 8.5/10

The Dynamic Saunas Alicante 9101-01 is a great choice for a small space. It weighs a mere 210 pounds and measures 36” (width) x  39” (depth) x 76.5” (height) on the outside and 34” (width) x 36” (depth) x 70” (height). The compact size of this sauna means that it takes up no more space than a closet and it can be placed anywhere in your home including a garage, walk-in closet, or master bathroom. It uses reforested Canadian Hemlock wood which is not only durable, but good for the environment. It employs double paneled construction and has 4 bio-ceramic heaters both of which help to create and maintain a direct distribution of heat. It has a clear tempered glass door making it simple to check on people inside.

Our Score 7.5/10

The light color wood makes the sauna feel open and airy, and, in fact, this sauna bench that can sit 3 people even though it is most comfortable with only 1 or 2. It can plug into any standard 110V/15Amp household outlet. The Alicante has both interior and exterior controls making it easy to adjust your settings while sitting inside.The roof vent allows you adjust the moisture level inside. The assembly requires 2 people and a screwdriver and takes about an hour.

Our Score 4/10

There are lots of extras you can purchase for this sauna, but only the MP3 player and 2 speakers are included.

Our Score 4/10

The warranty on this model is only for 1 year for both parts and sound.

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The lack of extras and difficult assembly work against this sauna. We gave the Dynamic Saunas Alicante 9101-01 only 24 out of 40 possible points.