Dynamic Sauna Venice 6210-01 Review 2017-09-29T22:09:11+00:00

Our Score 9/10

The Dynamic Sauna Venice 6210-01 is a fine sauna with an exterior dimension of 47.3” (width) x 39.5” (depth) x 75” (height)  and an interior measuring 43” (width) x 37” (depth) x 70” (height) and made from quality reforested Canadian Hemlock. Weighing a little over 400 lbs. this is a sauna that doesn’t move around easily. In fact, we recommend adding placing furniture sliders under the sauna to move it into place once it is assembled. The Venice has 6 Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Heating Panels making it easy to maintain and long lasting. It has beautiful bronze tinted tempered glass door. The outside has a many beautiful touches including an overhang with recessed lighting and a wide notched groove at door height setting the handle apart from the rest of the unit.

Our Score 10/10

This is a wonderful 2 person sauna that 2 people can put together in about 30 minutes (only about 45 minutes for 1 person) using a clasp together assembly. Since it plugs into a standard wall outlet (110V/15Amp) you won’t need your electrician to install any additional wiring. It has a sliding roof vent which allows you to adjust the amount of moisture that builds up inside. It heats up quickly due to the double-walled panels completely locking the heat inside. The soft-touch control panel is located outside the unit as well as an interior control panel so that the temperature can be adjusted during the your session.

Our Score 7/10

There are recessed lights inside the unit which complement the ones on outside on the porch overhang. The 9 color chromatherapy lighting system is one of the nice added details in this model. The Venice has an MP3 player so that you can relax to your favorite music making the sauna experience richer and more rewarding. Its lack of other features reduce the score we gave it for features, but it is a solid sauna for the price.

Our Score 10/10

The Venice has the most impressive warranty we’ve seen for an indoor sauna. It is warranty for life.

The Dynamic Sauna Venice 6210-01 has an impressive warranty, but the sauna’s 400 lb. weight is a drawback. We gave it an overall score of 36/40. The best score of any of the indoor saunas we have reviewed.