Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 6′ x 8′ Review 2017-09-29T23:27:23+00:00

Finlandia Saunas get a lot of hype because they are from Finland which is considered the birthplace of the modern sauna. Even though saunas were used throughout the world, they are a big part of Finnish culture today. In fact, in many places in Finland saunas are built even before the house is constructed!

Our Score 9/9

This sauna easily accommodates 4-5 people. It is made from Western Red Cedar and has a beautiful rustic appearance which ages nicely. Measuring  96” (wide) x 72” (long) x 80” (high) it is easily one of the the largest outdoor saunas on the market. It has a high grade foil vapor barrier which keeps the heat and moisture exactly where you want it – completely inside your sauna. The extra width gives you room for at least one extra person in the sauna, and the 6 foot sides allow you stretch out on the benches. It has Douglas Fir rails on the door and threshold as well as the interior casing which make the inside of the sauna very bright and clean and they stand out wonderfully against the cedar on the walls and ceiling.

Our Score 9/9

This sauna is pre-cut which means that it is delivered as pieces of measured lumber and you assemble it yourself. It is heated by a 240V/18.8Amp Finlandia FLB-45-S heater which is both modern and durable. It does need to be wired into your electrical panel so a licensed electrician is necessary to its completion. Inside there is a brushed aluminium vapor proof wall light making it easy to adjust the heater or just read a bit while you relax.

Our Score 9/9

Unlike most other traditional saunas, the Finlandia comes with a number of extra features. In addition to the thermometer and 50 pounds of sauna stones, there is a headrest for each upper bench and a wooden ladle and bucket with a plastic liner, and 2 metal vents to allow fresh air in and steam out. There is even an engraved wooden sign reading Sauna.

Our Score 9/10
Although the Finlandia is a premium outdoor sauna, the warranty only covers the unit for 1 year.

The Finlandia Outdoor Sauna 6′ x 8′ lives up to the hype. We gave it an overall rating of 36/40 tied with the SunRay Cayenne, but give this one our Best Pick Award for two reasons. First, it has a true outdoor sauna feel. The sauna rocks and the ample benches make give it a true outdoor Finnish experience. Second,  it scores a solid 9 on all of our criteria unlike the Cayenne which has some lower scores despite gaining 2 tens.