HeatWave Coronado SA2406 Sauna Review 2017-09-29T22:53:04+00:00

Our Score 7.5/10

The HeatWave Coronado SA2406 Sauna is a true 2 person infrared sauna with exterior measurements of  47.5” (width) x 39.25” (depth) x 75” (height) and an interior measuring 47.25” (width) x 39.2” (depth) x 71” (height) making it the largest of our recommended saunas. It has 5 Ceramic Heaters, 2 on the back wall, 1 on the front of the bench, and 1 on each side of the sauna and tempered bronze-tinted door. The contrasting inside and outside woods make the Coronado very visually appealing.

Our Score 7.5/10

The assembly of this unit requires 2 people, a screwdriver, a ladder, and about an hour of time. It has dual interior and exterior control panels which make it easy to set your preferences before you get in and to change them while inside the sauna. The Coronado has sliding roof vents which allow some control over the amount of moisture which builds up inside. It is a plug and play model running on a standard 120V/15Amp outlet. It has dual control panels so the temperature can be easily adjusted from within or without the sauna.

Our Score 10/10

This indoor prefab sauna will help you relax with lots a extras including a CD/MP3 player, an AM/FM radio, 2 movable ergonomic backrests, 2 towel hooks, a magazine rack, recessed lighting and a seven color chromotherapy system. It even has a oxygen ionizer (which purifies the air and kills odor causing bacteria) included. All of these earn the Coronado a perfect score in our features category.

Our Score 6/10

This home sauna kit comes with a 5 year warranty on the heaters, structure, and electrical components and a 1 year warranty on the sound system.

Overall, the HeatWave Coronado SA2406 sauna has an overall score of 31/40. Even so, it has the largest interior of all the saunas we’ve reviewed and it scored a perfect 10/10 with all the standard features.