JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 ENSI Collection 2 Person Sauna Review 2017-09-29T23:09:13+00:00

Our Score 9/10

The compact design and ability to plug into a standard household are just two of the features that make the JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 ENSI Collection 2 Person Sauna an outstanding sauna kit. This 100% Canadian hemlock infrared sauna has dual wall insulation which means you have no worry about the walls expanding as the unit heats up. The clear break resistant safety glass door allows visibility both into and out of your sauna so you can check on people in the sauna without having to open the door and let the heat escape. The sauna weighs 340 pounds and on the exterior it measures 47.3″ (width) x 39.5″ (depth) x 75″ (height) with an interior of  44.3” (width) x 36.5″ (depth) x 72″ (height). It has 7 zero EMF Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heaters, 2 on each side, 2 on the back wall, and one below the bench.

Our Score 8/10

This sauna room features tools free tongue & groove construction and buckle assembly which allows you to easily click the wall panels into place making your sauna ready to use in under an hour. One of the benefits of this type of construction is that it can easily be relocated from one place to another making it one of the best movable far infrared saunas. It plugs into a standard home 120V/15Amp outlet, but there is only an inside control panel. This model has no roof vent which means there is no way to affect the buildup of humidity once you are inside the sauna.

Our Score 5/10

The interior has two premium built-in speakers and an MP3 player as well as a volume rocker so you can listen to music while you relax in the room. The recessed LED lights last longer and are more energy efficient than regular light bulbs. Of course there are lots of additional sauna accessories available to use with this including a sauna backrest, seat cushions, and neck support, but one of these is included in the kit..

Our Score 6/10

This kit comes with a 5 year warranty on the structure and electrical components and a 10 year warranty on the heaters. There is a 1 year warranty on the sound system.

Overall, the JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 earned an overall score of 27/40.

The design of the  JNH Lifestyles NE2HB1 ENSI Collection 2 Person Suna is very good, but only having one control panel and and one roof vent make it less user friendly. The lack of extras really detracat from an otherwise good buy. Overall, this sauna  earned an overall score of 27/40.