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Portable Personal Saunas

When most people think of a sauna, they conjuring up an image of with an outdoor structure with wooden benches around hot stones on a heater or an indoor box which produces lots of heat while you relax on wooden benches listening to your favorite tunes. Portable personal saunas are a completely different experience!

Portable saunas fit only one person at a time. They are lightweight and easily moved. Most come with a folding chair and are zipped closed with you inside. There are holes for you head and arms, but the rest of your body is inside enjoying a toasty, relaxing, rejuvenating sweat. Best of all, portable saunas are a fraction of the cost of other saunas!

There are two basic types of saunas: steam and infrared.

A steam sauna uses warm air to heat your body. It creates moist air and will raise the amount of water in the air inside the sauna to about 65%. Since steam is used to heat the sauna, this type of sauna will not dry out your skin or nasal passages, Using steam also allows you to use aromatherapy by letting you add essential oils to the water that is being warm and pumped in to warm the air inside the sauna. steam portable personal saunas generally achieve higher maximum temperatures between 150 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

An infrared sauna uses light to create heat. Very often this type of sauna will be referred to as a FAR infrared sauna. FAR refers to where on the light spectrum the infrared waves you are using to heat your sauna fall. In this case, the range of light is close to the range that your body emits when it is warmed by the sun. This type of heat ultimately penetrates the joints and muscles causing both sweating and relaxation. An infrared sauna typically reaches temperatures between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the lower temperature, you will still feel warm and sweat and if your goal is a nice long relax soak in the heat, an infrared portable personal sauna will allow you get exactly that.

With so many personal portable saunas on the market, we’ve looked at all the options and compiled a list of the very best ones available!