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Sunray Cayenne Review

Our Score 7/10

The Sunray Cayenne fits 4 people comfortably. Made from natural Canadian Hemlock, it measure 72” (width) x 52” (depth) x 83” (height) on the outside. The large glass door and 2 front windows give this sauna a homey and inviting appearance. The roof is high enough to accommodate a taller person, but low enough to keep the sauna’s profile in line with a backyard setting.

Our Score 9/10

The tongue and groove pieces and turn buckle clasps make the Cayenne very easy to assemble. There is an exterior control panel so that you can set your temperature while you get ready for your sauna. There are no interior controls, however, so you need to leave the sauna to make any adjustments. The 8 infrared ceramic heaters make short work of warming up the sauna and spread the heat evenly around the interior. The unit plugs into a standard household outlet (120V/20Amp) making the last step of the set-up a breeze.

Our Score 10/10

The Cayenne has a roof vent which is the only way to adjust the humidity in the sauna.The recessed lights in the overhang provide an inviting entrance, and the interior adjustable reading lamp helps you relax inside without glaring lights. This sauna comes with a 7 color chromatherapy system and an MP3/CD Player/Radio. There are lots of other extras included as well: and oxygen ionizer, a cup holder, and a severe weather cover, but only one ergonomic backrest which is strange considering the sauna fits 4 people.

Our Score 10/10

This sauna come with a 7 year warranty on the structure and a 1 year warranty on the sound system.

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This sauna has a lot going for it, but it feels more like an indoor sauna than an outdoor one. Having only one backrest for 4 people is a little strange, but overall,the Sunray Cayenne is a solid outdoor sauna with a lot of extras for the money so it got a 36/40.